Therapy Players

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How many psychotherapists does it take to make a crowd laugh? Come
find out when the Therapy Players take the stage!

Professional psychotherapists by day, the group has been performing
together as a comedy improv troupe since 2013, and recently headlined the
National Psych Congress in San Antonio, Texas. Their revue "Phobia
Shmobia" won a standing ovation at the Anxiety Disorders Association of
America, and they brought down the house at the International Society for
the Study of Self Injury, where they performed at the happy hour.  The
group has performed at venues all across the Chicago area, including
Second City, Stage 773, the Bughouse Theater, the Cornservatory, the
Skokie Theatre, the Open Door Theater, the Den Theatre, Comedy Sportz,
and many more. Check out their story at


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